FluidAir - Experts in Solid Dosage Technology Innovative Solutions tailored to your Solid Dosage Applications

FluidAir - Experts in Solid Dosage Technology Innovative Solutions tailored to your Solid Dosage Applications
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Fluid Air expands distribution

AURORA, IL - Fluid Air, a US-based manufacturer of solid dosage processing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, has announced plans to extend its distribution andsales operations into several emerging international markets.

These markets include China, Singapore, Brazil, and the Middle East.

As the number of people with access to health care increases in these developing or transitional economies, the consumption and demand for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drugs continues to rise. Drug manufacturers in these regions now face new, more stringent process requirements as governments tighten or expand regulations to meet higher standards of safety and quality control. In many cases, domestic suppliers are not yet able to produce systems with the necessary level of sophistication or specialization that manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugsrequire to meet these regulations.

Fluid Air has recognized the growing need for this type of technology outside of the US, and has recently taken steps to expand its presence in several key markets. The company specializes in manufacturing customized equipment for solid dosage processing, including fluid bed systems, high-shear granulators and size reduction mills. With over 30 years of experience, the company is able to provide complex, state-of-the-art systems to meet a wide variety of applications and comply with strict regulations.

Since the company's 2009 acquisition by Spraying Systems Co., the world's largest supplier of spray technology, Fluid Air has been able to provide service and support to customers around the globe. "We are proud to introduce our products in these markets through the substantial infrastructure for sales and support provided by Spraying Systems," says Tom Tappen, the director of business development for Fluid Air. The production of developing effective drugs safely and efficiently will continue to be a priority to all manufacturers.

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